How to Become a Social Worker

All social workers work with the intentions of helping men and women deal with the constant difficulties and struggles that they deal with everyday throughout their lives. Even though it is a fact that it takes a lot of education to work as a social worker, it doesn’t mean that this is a phenomenal career to get into that is very rewarding.
The first thing that needs to be done to become a social worker is you have got to volunteer as an aid to a real social worker while you are still enrolled in high school. You need to do this because you need actual hands-on experience so that you know what you can expect when you become one.
You need to keep in mind that getting a bachelor’s degree in social work is most definitely necessary for you to get into a starting position for social work. While you are in high school keep your grade point average high, and develop good habits in concern to studying and accomplishing tasks on time.
To be a social worker it is absolutely mandatory that you either know a second language or that you have knowledge of more than one language. If you have received and studied a language then it is recommended that you continue learning that language in college.
While in high school you need to speak with your guidance counselor and try and get a list of colleges in your preferred area that have great social work programs for you to enter into. You need to make sure that the college you enroll in has social work programs that have received their accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education. Right now in the United States there are over 420 accredited programs for social work, and each one of them is going to require that you have a minimum of at least 400 hours of supervised volunteering.
Right before you enter into your last year of high school you need to write your admission essay and submit your applications into whatever programs you are trying to get into. When you get into your program and in your college years, you need to try and get into social work intern programs that are going to pay you. Doing this is going to greatly help with getting references and opening future doors.
When you have gotten your bachelor’s degree in social work, you need to focus on getting your master’s degree In social work so that you can get a higher level position as a social worker in which you are managing other social workers and their cases. Right now there are over 100 accredited programs in the United States for getting your master’s in social work, and these programs require you to have a minimum of 900 hours of supervised volunteering experience.
While you are completing your master’s degree, learn about the licensing exam you are going to need to take. When you have obtained your master’s degree in social work, you need to work under a licensed social worker for two years before you can finally take your licensing exam and work independently as a social worker.